Wednesday, July 09, 2014



                                                                                                                                   cover by James Stokoe
Check it out, Phil McClorey and I have spent the last year organizing this book. We are super happy with it. So good. So many great creators helped us out with this! Please visit the link and get your self a copy.

I am doing 8 pages with Howard Wong in this one. If you ever wanted an original off of me, I got 6 available through the kickstarter. AND that comes with a copy of the book. Check er out.

Other awesome pledge rewards, you can get the cover! by James Mutha Fucking Stokoe! Hand painted! For Real. Hand painted original cover by James Stokoe. FYI I am getting married. This would be the perfect gift to get me. BTW. $600 bold ones.

How about a customized print by Matt Daley with your visage included within the drawing! 100 bold ones.

Marvin Law original page! 80 loonies.

Sketch plates! 5.25 X 7.25 original sketch by a MONSTROSITY II artist! 40 BUCKS!

All of those also include the book.

Phil and I have been doing some media to help lift this kickstarter off the ground. Check these out here.


Phil and I gab with Erik the Red about MONSTROSITY and being awesome dudes.


I appear on Katie and Shaggy Shannahan's awesome livechat. We gab MONSTROSITY, Sailor Moon, Gilmore Girls and more! Horrifying!

Anyhoo, Phil and I are thrilled with the response to the kickstarter so far. Please keep pledging! There is more awesomeness to come! Big announcements on Monday of even more creators on the book!

Monday, June 30, 2014


Guys, JULY 7th. That is the day we launch the kickstarter for MONSTROSITY II.

You liked the first volume? Wait for this next volume guys. It is legit going to be the internet.

Check out this interview..might be a nugget in there about a certain amazing cover artist. Excuse my enthusiasm. We were in Sarnia on very little sleep.

We are pretty psyched to show it off.

Get ready.

Friday, May 30, 2014

TCAF and Tuff Stuff

TCAF has come and gone. Three weeks later and I can look back and say this year was a big success. My newest book, Tuff Stuff, sold out! 50 copies! That’s pretty good! I also sold a bunch of other books as well. Due to my incredible record keeping, I will never know for sure, but I think I can say with a fair amount of confidence that this might have been my BEST TCAF EVA!

My high sales this year were certainly buoyed by the release of my new book Tuff Stuff which I finished just in time for TCAF. For real, just in time. I finished printing the covers Saturday at 230 in the morning.
A nice thing that was reassuring; people who were new to my work were gravitating towards Tuff Stuff. This is a good sign! People seemed to like the cover!

This year I also tried my hand at selling some of my artist books. A Collection of Things and Ennui both moved a couple copies. Not the sell outs I was hoping for, but considering their high price tags, still very welcome.

 TCAF is not just a great show to buy my books at, but also a great place to buy a million books off of so many cool people! SO MANY COOL PEOPLE. Cool people; you know who you are. TCAF always gets me inspired. So much great new work premieres there, most of my purchases were TCAF premieres. So yes, I bought a bunch of books. TCAF is the devil when it comes to sucking my cash straight out of my wallet. Check out these awesome books I obtained.

Day One Swag

Day Two Swag

Another year amazingly well run show by Chris, Miles and Co. See you next year dear TCAF. Thanks for having me!

A short note on Tuff Stuff. It turned out to be 59 pages. I inked the whole thing in one month. I then lettered it in two days. I am pretty happy with the end result but because of the speed with which I turned it out there are some grammatical errors in this first edition.  I will be posting the revised version up on my website in the next week or so. Keep your eyes peeled for that. I will also be printing a second edition of the book, with the edits done, in time for my next show. It will also be available on my website to purchase here.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


In my previous post I spoke about having three new books to release this year at TCAF. This is the second of those three books. It is called 'Ennui'. This book is leather bound, 32 pages with silkscreen Interiors. The book consists of eight different illustrations all featuring two layers of silkscreening.  This book is limited to eight editions, of which seven will be for sale at TCAF, hand numbered and signed. First come first serve.
This is what the illustration look like on the interior of the book. As you can seem they are all full bleed and totally baller. These next four illustrations below are also in the book. These are the line art versions. Not how they appear in the book which features an additional color layer.

 The other two books I will have for sale are 'A Collection of Things' and my new comic, which I am currently wrapping up work on, 'Tuff Stuff'. 'Tuff Stuff' is 60 pages of awesome. I am very excited to get it out into the world for you all to see. It feels like decades ago that I released Sassy Mavericks. Below you will see a spread of seven inked pages and one panel isolated. I will post again before TCAF to give final details on these books, prices etc.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cover Work!

So this here is a cover I did for Fred Kennedy's 'The Whores Son' novella, available now on Kindle! Check it out! Below is a process GIF of how I got to this final product. I should mention I stole my final cover scheme from a pretty iconic XMEN cover. Anyhoo..good times.


In other news, I am busting ass on my new comic Tuff Stuff. There will be news about that up on here soon as it will be released at TCAF! Stay tuned dawgs. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Collection of Wonderful Things

So this is one of three planned new books I will have for TCAF this year. This one is a limited edition of seven, six of which will be for sale. All hand bound in leather, 19 individual two layer silkscreens some featuring degradaies (sp).
This new work is a repurposing, in a collage style, of the work from my comics practice into new arrangements bound together within a book. This process allows me to recontextualize the imagery and meanings of my original pages to create new messages out of pre-existing narratives. Each page is independent from the source material and becomes its own individual piece; meaning is contained within each image. Colour is introduced in the form of imagery and text. It is used to add to the composition, subvert or reinforce the meanings found within each piece. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best Comics of 2013

It is important to emphasize that not all of these books are 2013 releases. This list reflects when I read these books. I am also going to make a point of not talking about close friends books. Integrity and all that. Here we go.

Memories- Katsuhiro Otomo- 
This year I finally tracked down this long out of print collection of some of Otomo’s short stories. Spoilers, it is really good. Highlights are Magnetic Rose and the spiritual predecessor to Akira and Domu called Fireball. You can find these occasionally on EBAY for about 60-80 bones. Well worth the investment.

Supermag- JimRugg
Jim Rugg is one of my absolute faves on the comic’s scene.  His sense of humour and incredible drawing ability combine to make some of the most potent comic works out there. This most recent magazine is a collection of short strips that Rugg has collected alongside a bunch of one sheet advertisements and pinups. This is not exactly a comic book as it is an anthology of Rugg. Super mag is a place that allows Rugg’s ample design chops a chance to shine all the while showing off great little strips like US Ape and Duke Armstrong that work as shorts but might not be able to sustain their own full length book. 

Battling Boy- PaulPope
This book was a long wait but well worth it. Creating a book that appeals to kids while still appealing to his legions of adult fans is quite the trick. Pope accomplishes this with aplomb by mashing in influences any long time comic fan can recognize while covering each page in his trademark rich inks and style.  One major drawback to this book is its size. Pope draws his originals larger than most and the transition to a child friendly size hurts the work. A teaser of the first 24 pages of the book that was released in a single floppy issue format further emphasises this weakness. Compared side by side with the finished book it is hard to not regret the format decision. 

Slam Dunk- Takehiko Inoue.
This is the first sports comic I ever really got into. It is all about a newbie with a lot of potential learning to play BBall with his high-school team. There is a lot of HS drama, which I love, and some over the top fight stuff, which is okay. The vast majority of it though is hard-core realistic basketball games. The first game, which is a scrimmage, takes three 200 page volumes to finish. It is very thorough. Dribbling, passing, boxing out, shooting, rebounding. We learn as the main character learns and we get invested. The stakes of these games combined with all the motivations for the characters all really make the results matter. PS the drawing is first rate and the games scenes really move. I wish there was a hockey comic like this. I might have to try my hand at one. 

I love this long running strip. It is ramping up, it seems, for some big status quo shifts in 2014. Eve and the Gang are all getting out of the cute messing up your life section of your 20’s and are, it seems, about to get a bit more serious. The revelations and quiet moments have all been really impactful this year. Gran keeps getting better and better and I am really dreading/looking forward to what she puts these characters through next.  

Jupiter’s Legacy- Frank Quietly and Mark Millar. 
After one issue it was crystal clear where this story was going and how it was going to get there. Three issues in all my guesses were right, despite that though the ride has been very entertaining in large part due to Frank Quietly’s art which is worth the price of admission alone. In a year where supporting a questionable artist’s art (Orson Scott Card) became a big issue, Mark Millar is a bit of lightning rod in the comics scene. This story is thus far my favorite of Millar’s since Authority, which I guess unsurprisingly also featured Quietly on art.  So yeah, story is okay, predictable but fun and violent, the art is an 11 out of 10.

Friday, November 29, 2013

True Patriot 2 and some Drawings I have done lately.

This is a very cool anthology in which I am lucky enough to be a part of alongside Fred Kennedy and Adam Gorham. Our strip is a follow up to break out star of Vol.1 Gull Girl! Other names in this book include three of my faves Faith Erin Hicks, Andy Belanger and J. Bone! Two days left in the campaign. Check it out here!

These are the stars of my next comic. Christine 2.

This is part of a interesting book project I'm doing where I am reworking the meanings of my comics into new compositions..more on this next month. 
An example of an artists edition drawing I did on the inside cover of a copy of MONSTROSITY that was ordered from my can too!
 I have been reading a lot about the Genocide in Herero. There is a theory that it along with the genocide at Maji-Maji are the start of a continuity of genocides by Germany in the 20th century. I had never heard any of this before. I wasn't even aware of these two genocides! Here is Cap punching Hitler. I drew this at the Stadium free comic book day event around halloween.

 I drew this in class when working on designs for a character I am working on.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I missed a month!

BIG NEWS! The book, MONSTROSITY will be released in comic stores this Wednesday! That's tomorrow! Holy shit! Go grab one!

 Since we last spoke, dearest blog, MONSTROSITY launched to great fanfare and success at FanExpo. Phil and I sold the crap out of the book and even managed to line up some exciting new creators for MONSTROSITY II; THE RECKONING (title not finalized). Here is Friendly Phil McClorey and I at our table captured at an inopportune time! Pizza anger face! Note I am rocking an awesome Corey Lewis shirt made for the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund, available here.

So all in all, FanExpo was a good time. Since then we have had a signing at Paradise Comics and another show at Word on the Street. Here below is my table being manned by superman Marvin Law joined by super star table neighbor Willow Dawson to our left.

 So far response to the book has been great. Check out these reviews.

I myself also did a bit of media for the book..

 If you missed out on the indiegogo you can still get the book through my website or the Alterna Website as well as at these fine comic stores..

The Beguiling – Toronto, Ontario
The Dragon – Guelph, Ontario
Future Pastimes – Sarnia, Ontario
Happy Harbor Comics – Edomonton, Alberta
LA Mood Comics and Games – London, Ontario
Paradise Comics – Toronto, Ontario
Stadium Comics – Missisauga, Ontario

Also a couple more events coming up, 

Canzine- October 20th
Stadium Comics Free Comic Day- Oct 26th

 Anyhow I am a little tired and delirious from lack of sleep. Who knew that working, going to school, making comics and organizing an anthology would take so much energy..
You guys are awesome. Have some drawings...the bottom threee are all examples of what you will get FREE on the inside of your cover if you buy MONSTROSITY from my website.
Tuff Stuff
Astro Jaq!

Astro Jaq!

Some monster VS Astro Jaq!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


MONSTROSITY arrived at my door this past Friday! I am happy and relieved to say it looks awesome. Alterna, our publisher, did a great job of printing it. The blacks are black and the cover really pops. The book weighs in at 200 pages and includes stories from over thirty different creators. I want to thank all the indiegogo contributors again for helping this book happen. Phil (my co-editor) and I are still overwhelmed at the incredible response. We are officially releasing the book next Thursday at Fan expo and starting to send the books out the following Monday. If you are interested in picking up your book and various other contribution rewards at Fan expo just swing buy our table, A357.  If you missed out on the indie-gogo but still want the book and can't make it to Fan expo, it is currently available in this months Previews, the order code is AUG13 0934. I will have all my usual books at the show, swing on by!
If you can't make it to Fanexpo, FEAR NOT! We will be having a number of signings to celebrate the release of the book including events at Paradise Comics and Stadium Comics.