Monday, September 04, 2006

Belladone and Leave it to Chance

I've recently moved back to Toronto and have had access to the great comic stores around here, particularly at the Beguiling. I've been reading Paul Smiths excellent Leave it to Chance and sketched up this drawing of Chance seen at the top. Everyone should check it out. Paul Smith is well known for his 11 issue run on Uncanny Xmen in the early 80's. He is pretty sick. The second drawing here is from a comic from France called Belladone. Pierre Alery is the artist and has shoved his way into my top five fav artists for sure. He also has a blog spot site you should check out at Both these guys come from Animation backgrounds and it really comes out in all thier drawings. Anyways these are my versions of thier creations. I might ink em up and throw some color on em, we'll see

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Ben Reynolds said...

nice bri!! Hows the new job coming man?? you're still finding time to sketch I see!