Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jim and Jenn preview Pt 1

Well folks, here comes a 7 page preview of Jim and Jenn. Straight at your faces! Drink it up!

Anyways, last reminder before Fanexpo! Please come on out. I will have all my usual stuff for sale and I will have a dummy copy of Jim and Jenn available for you all too get a complete look at the book..might be your last chance to see it for a while. This puppy wont be seeing print for a bit, so..hope to see you there!

Jim and Jenn preview Pt 2

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jim and Jenn is done.

Jim and Jenn is done. Here is the inks of the cover with no color or any of the other finalized banners.


All art, revisions, and other editing I had to do is done completly. I can explain the delay Mom, I mean Ben. It turns out I'm ocd and needed to have it just so.
The final tally is 119 pages. 1 page away from 50% larger than what I initially imagined. Jim and Jenn was only supposed to be in my life for 24 hours. Three years later its finally done. Its wild to look back at those initial 8 pages which led me to here. Including the 35 pages of the previous iteration of Jim and Jenn and demoed pages from this version, Jim and Jenn is over 160 pages total.. the progress from day one to now, I like to think is pretty big.
I'm really excited to get it all together for you all and let you all have a read. I think it turned out well, hopefully the hours and time put into it come across in the reading.

Tomorrow I start scanning all the pages and putting the book together in photoshop. Later this weekend I will post the first six pages. I plan on having a handful of dummy copies next weekend at fanexpo for people to peruse. The actual release date for the book is foggy. Please though, stop by and take a look at the last year of my life. I will be doing free sketches all weekend, have copies of Lucy Legacy and Noway Jose for sale. My booth is located in artists alley alongside my compatriots Julie Faulkner of Promises promises fame and Blair Kitchen he of the possum press!

Now, what shall I do next.