Monday, July 25, 2011

Grawlix Anthology!

So this week I've been working on my submission for the second Grawlix Anthology. I thought I would give you guys a peek at my process. This is one of the pages of roughs. I'm working differently on this book than my usual route. This time, I'm doing my roughs on the cintiq, printing them out and then inking directly over those roughs. Hopefully it works out. Roughing on the cintiq is incredible as far as laying out your action is concerned!

Remember guys, my webcomic Psychic Drama is nearing its end! Be sure to check it out!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Victarion Greyjoy

This is inspired by Victarion Greyjoy. He is a bad ass character. I love him. I hope you do too!

For all the other hardcore fans out there, again, this is a very loose Victarion. It's not meant to be completely by the book! So don't jump me!

Remember guys, PSYCHIC DRAMA is nearing the end! Super cool stuff going on! Check it out!