Friday, August 27, 2010

Fan Expo is this weekend dudes!

Dudes, Fanexpo is this weekend. I will be there with Julie of Promises Promises fame and a special guest appearance by Noel Tauzon on the Saturday I believe... I sadly will be missing a lot of the show due to moving and responsibilities and stuff. I will be there Friday evening 6pm to Close and all of Saturday though. If your only coming SUnday and are looking for me, I am super sorry. I will be at word on the street though, so another chance there eh!
Sorry I have been so lax on posting recently. You can expect more soon though as my current contract is coming to a close soon. I have been doing Story Boards for Season 1.5 of Ugly Americans and shit is real crazy busy. Its almost done though, and fans, it looks fantastic and is friggin hilarious. So watch out. THis season is such a winner.
Anyways, comics, conventions, moving. Life is wild. Keep on swinging by though, I will never let you down Blogger!