Tuesday, June 23, 2009

100 Posts!

100 posts blogger! We did it! Lets celebrate with a art dump!

Probable inside back cover for Jim and Jenn.. Complete cast pic..kinda looks like a Lost dvd cover..
Yamcha from Dragon Ball. Viz has been putting out these great over sized volumes of the original series. I may or may not have been picking em up...

At TCAF I did a big fail and didnt have enough time to finish a pic for a kid. This was the payback pic I made for him to make up for it, by request. Im a nintendo guy, so, Im sorry mario.

Up next blog post 101! Only 100 more to 200.

Friday, June 05, 2009

The Black Bastard vs the Malcolm X-men

The Black Bastard vs The Malcolm Xmen PT2

So yes, here is the six pager I did along with Aaron Broverman for the upcoming Black Bastard anthology. I've never worked with a writer before and it was a pleasure. Aaron's a class act! This was a fun project and a nice break from Jim and Jenn. I worked on full sized comic boards for the first time, I feel like it made a big difference.  Anyways, it was a blast, thanks to Matthew Mohammed for trusting us with his  creation. Keep on drawing kids!

Monday, June 01, 2009

The problem with appreciating Wolverine

The problem with having a wolverine appreciating month is that after that month is done, I still wanna appreciate. 
   I recently did a six page Black Bastard comic. It has a spoof of the Xmen in it, so Ive been drawing a knock off wolverine for a bit now. I guess it kind of inspired me to get going with the real deal. So heres some canucklehead action.
  Check back later this week. I will be putting those six  Black Bastard pages up prolly Thursday or Friday.