Monday, June 01, 2009

The problem with appreciating Wolverine

The problem with having a wolverine appreciating month is that after that month is done, I still wanna appreciate. 
   I recently did a six page Black Bastard comic. It has a spoof of the Xmen in it, so Ive been drawing a knock off wolverine for a bit now. I guess it kind of inspired me to get going with the real deal. So heres some canucklehead action.
  Check back later this week. I will be putting those six  Black Bastard pages up prolly Thursday or Friday.


Ben Reynolds said...

Dude - Keep appreciatin'. Love the POV on this one man, really interesting. He's definitely got that gruff look going on. By the way.."Wolverine"..also a good name for a mouthwash for Wolves?? No?..nnno?

Anonymous said...

Are any of your Wolverine pics going to the Joe Shuster "Vision's of An Icon:Wolverine" art show in September '90?

Keep on drawin'!!


Brian Evinou said...

I dont think so. I havent hooked up with anyone regarding that show anyhow..I was a big fan of the superman one they did last year and would be interested in contributing.