Sunday, September 16, 2007

24 Hour Comic Concepts

Oh this shit is gonna be the biz. Im really excited to take part in my third 24 hour comic challenge. I came up with my concept recently and Im in love with my idea. Im really looking forward to oct 20th and getting it down on paper. You guys will all be seeing the new 24 hour comic as soon as Im done! Untill then I wont be revealing any details, wanna keep it all a surprise!

New Stuff!! Poker Guy and Warrior!!!!

Oh dear art blog I've neglected you so... Recently I've been bitten again by the arting bug. Its a combination of things that made me pick up my pencil and inks again with such vigor, The amazing inspiration I got at TCAF being high on the list. Ive been drawing a lot and working on comics new and old, yes, including the previous 24 hour comic which I guarentte an update shortly. Anyways this is some new ones from the old sketch book. Dearest Blog, lets reconnect, I missed you Blog...