Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wolverine and Enders Game

So this is all stuff from my sketch book. First off I was looking through my blog and was shocked to see I didnt have any xmen art up here. Growing up it was all about the Xmen and Ninja turtles. I started collecting around the start of the Fall of the Mutants storyline when Wolverine was still wearing this badass brown and yellow uniform. Of course at that point like everyone else Wolverine was my fav, I guess over the years you see so much of him and hes so overexposed he fell from that lofty top spot. Also theres some stuff that I did a couple months ago when reading the enders game series. Theres a lot of great ideas in that book that really bring a lot of great visuals into your mind. Anyways hope you like this junk

Saturday, July 08, 2006

t-u-r-t-l-e POWER!!!!

So for the last while I've been putting together a portfolio for Mirage studios. This is one of the cover page drawings I have done for said portfolio. The ninja turtles were for me prolly my biggest early influence. I remember getting the how to draw T.M.N.T comic that Eastman and Laird put out when I was really young. I used to copy drawings out of it all the time. Anways this image is inspired by an early issue of the ninja turtles that most of the first movie was based on. In it the turtles are preparing for Christmas at Aprils and Leonardo goes out for a jog on New yorks rooftops. Anyways he is ambushed by the Foot clan and tears through them. The foot retreat and Leonardo follows and walks into a trap. He ends up getting his ass kicked by Shredder and the foot and delivered back to Aprils house through the window. Those first 20 issues of T.M.N.T were nuts. Anyways I actually did this one like nine months ago and I see a lot of problems with it now that I didnt at the time. I might post more pages of the portfolio later. I have two story pages that go along with this cover. Anyways Excelsior or whatever.