Thursday, July 30, 2009

Almost missed July...almost.

Its summer in Toronto! Have you been watching all the pretty girls? Lucky you! This is what I imagine a pretty girl looks like. Its hard to know for sure. Ive not left my room in weeks. And why you ask.... finish a certain book! This here was {its no longer in the book} the first page of the current incarnation of Jim and Jenn that I did.
I've proclaimed Jim and Jenn finished in other places already. I will hold off on that proclamation here on my favorite blog though, untill it is 100% complete on the production end. Im still tweaking here and there, have a cover to draw and 100+ pages to letter. I anticipate though that sometime next week I will be posting the cover and the official proclamation along with maybe a five page preview for you my favorite blog readers! The end is so tantalizingly close, Im excited.