Sunday, March 08, 2009

John Locke

This ones for you Benner
So this is one of my favorite characters from Lost, the popular television program, you might of heard of it. John Locke!!! I dont know what took me so long to get on board with this show. It is pretty rad. Im going to watch the finale of season 2 tonight and I cant wait. I'll definitly be up to date in time for the last season. Can it fill the hole BSG is going to leave in my heart in two weeks? We'll find out.
Also, I saw Watchmen yesterday afternoon. My capsule review, pretty good. Its definitly a much better translation than I thought possible. Theres a lot of layers of the book missing and the sense of parody and reconstruction of the comics genre. But the crux of the storys there and it was fun to see a lot of the big moments on screen. So cup slightly over half full. Im very relieved its not terrible though. I was expectiing 300 the sequal.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Theres a movie coming out on friday! Get this outta the way right off. Im pretty sure its going to stink. I hope it doesnt. This is a feeling I have though. Be aware.
Watchmen is definitly one of my fav books. Im doing a homage to it actually in Jim and Jenn using the 9 panel format that Dave Gibbons rocked in those pages. I saw Gibbons speak in Dec at a book store here in Toronto. It was really inspiring and got me thinking a lot about preperation and design. Anyways. I had already started Jim and Jenn at this point but in the future theres a few things I gleaned from his talk that I hope to use in future projects.
Hope you all like the drawing. Jim and Jenn is still on pace. I missed the sign up for Mocca. I suck. If anyone wants to share thier table with me I would be pleased to pay!!