Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Theres a movie coming out on friday! Get this outta the way right off. Im pretty sure its going to stink. I hope it doesnt. This is a feeling I have though. Be aware.
Watchmen is definitly one of my fav books. Im doing a homage to it actually in Jim and Jenn using the 9 panel format that Dave Gibbons rocked in those pages. I saw Gibbons speak in Dec at a book store here in Toronto. It was really inspiring and got me thinking a lot about preperation and design. Anyways. I had already started Jim and Jenn at this point but in the future theres a few things I gleaned from his talk that I hope to use in future projects.
Hope you all like the drawing. Jim and Jenn is still on pace. I missed the sign up for Mocca. I suck. If anyone wants to share thier table with me I would be pleased to pay!!


Unknown said...
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Ben Reynolds said...

Sweet drawing dude. I'm going to see this flick this weekend..Its gonna be sweet. I'm calling it. Giant Squid or not I think it will be cool.

Louis Champagne said...

I love night Owl, Watchmen AND Brian Evinou....i'm in heaven