Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wizard World Toronto

Ah Wizard World Toronto. What a strange beast you were. On the upside I met "Hacksaw" Jim Duggen. He got one of my books then came back later on to tell me how much he liked it! That is wicked! What a sweet guy. It was pretty funny, there was tons of people walking around with signed 2x4's. Every 40 minutes or so you would hear hacksaw from across the hall yelling out his trademark "HOOOO". Good times.
Other good times, almost selling out of my new book despite small amounts of people at the show. Hanging with other comic artists, in particular I would like to shout out my booth nieghbours Mike Hoffman, Evan Munday, Tyrone Macarthy, Sean Lebevre and Matt Joudrey. This show had the most comfortable seats of any convention I've been to. Also, lots of room behind the tables, some shows get a little tight. Not this one.

Negatives! Sad that the shows focus was so wild and unkempt. The advertising didnt do its job. The start times were way to early, particularly on the friday and sunday. I think its unnecasary for any show to start before noon on a sunday and especially on a friday. There was a fire alarm on the saturday right around 3, the peak time. It killed the momentum quite a bit. A lot of people were talking sabotage. Who know, I know Stan Lee was announced for hobbystar on Friday. Odd timing.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don River

Dudes! I got a new mini comic coming out on Friday! This is the cover banner! Totally come to Wizard world Toronto on Friday March 26th to Sunday March 28th. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Don River, super sneak peek!

Heres a page from my new mini, Don River. Its a 24 page little ditty. It will be premiering Friday March 26th @ Wizard World Toronto! Come swing by and visit Julie and I, and pick up a copy!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Sketch Dump!

Guys! I do all these drawing that you guys never see. I put them in this thing called a sketch book! I know. Wild right. I thought I would share some that I inked up with you guys, hope you like em.

Now, important news. I'm tabling with Julie over at The new wizard world toronto show. I'm looking forward to it. Hope you can all come out and check it out! It should be a blast.