Thursday, March 18, 2010

Don River, super sneak peek!

Heres a page from my new mini, Don River. Its a 24 page little ditty. It will be premiering Friday March 26th @ Wizard World Toronto! Come swing by and visit Julie and I, and pick up a copy!


Ben Reynolds said...

Dude what the crap is in that dudes cigarette!!?! Looks awesome man, can't wait to see the whole she-bang. Good luck at the convention man.

Stephen Sloan said...

"I could tell this comic was going to be right up my ally, unfortunately it's the kind of ally a washed out bum of a detective likes to puke in"

In other news, Andrea and I wont be attending Toronto area comic con's this year. Boo-urns, so lemme know if you ship a few copies to the comic book shoppe.