Monday, January 19, 2009

Starbuck, Kara Thrace, also happy 3rd birthday blog!

Welcome back BSG! Who else watched the premiere of season 4.5 this weekend. Man that was some crazy TV. Here is Galactica's premiere fighter pilot Kara Thrace, you gotta love her.
While getting amped up watching the BSG I was thinking how few good scifi comics there are out there. I ended up jotting some ideas down for a comic and now Im thinking about it all the time. Whats sucks about comics though is they take so long Ive already decided how Im going to be spending the next year and a half, with finishing Jim and Jenn and moving onto my next project. They take so long you always end up having a back log of other wicked ideas to get too. I guess thats the appeal of the 24 hour comics challenges, its the one time a year you get to spew out an entire project out of your mind in one day {most of the time, see jim and jenn and Lucy Legacy}.
Also, yesterday was the third birthday of this my first blog. I wish you a happy birthday blog. We've been through some rough times together. Hopefully the content I drop on you now is better than the content when we started together. Heres to another three years Bloggity blog.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Im Batman!

Check it out. Its Batman from Batman year 100! I really love this design. Paul Pope for me, can do no wrong. I lifted the palette from the cover of the Batman year 100 trade. So anyhow. Not much other than that to say. Still working on this here Jim and Jenn comic. Its getting there. By getting there I mean a third of the way in. The change to 2009 has really made me confront the reality of how little time I have left if I want to have this thing out for con season. It will be done. Its gotta be. Also the internet is the devil when it comes to avoiding work. Im very weak.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Windwaker 2009!

So its 2009! Hope its treating you all as well as me. Looking back 2008 was a pretty exciting year. Self publishing my first comic and hitting my first few conventions. Its been a great time. This year will see more of that. I'll be hitting a lot more conventions, this year even spreading my sphere of influence over our friends to the south, America. Spring 2009 will also see the release of Jim and Jenn which Im hoping you'll all enjoy. So keep your eyes on my blog and I'll be updating you to keep you in know about all the exciting news!
So as for these Link drawings. I was on the other day and they directed me to this incredible vunderkid's version of the Windwaker theme. I've been listening to it pretty much non stop since. I think you'll love it, check it out