Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Naughty Drawing.

Sometimes I draw things that are a bit out of my comfort range. This is one of those times! I wanted to share it though, I think it turned out ok. Its not that bad either, content wise, I mean, a pair of cartoon boobs isn't going to kill anyone. At least I hope not.

I hope you're all checking out my webcomic Psychic Drama! Its fun and stuff!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sketch Dump March 11!

Dudes, here is a sketch dump! Drawings! These are various things from my sketch book. I have not updated on here for a while. I am drawing all sorts of comics! Not so many sketches though. Remember to check out my web comic Psychic Drama! Its good.

Also here is a photo from the Wizard World convention this past weekend. It was a good time. I sat of course with Julie of Promises fame and was Flanked by indie comic giants Ben Rivers of Snow fame and Mr Brian Mclachlan of the world famous Princess Planet. We had a good lil table group going on. As for the show itself, it was much better than last year. So hopefully it can continue to build and be a viable third show for Toronto.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wizard World Toronto!

Hey guys, tomorrow is the Toronto leg of the Wizard World tour! I will be there selling comics with my partner in panels Julie of Promises fame. We would love if you guys swing by, we will be there all weekend. I will even let you guys take a peek at my new books Fight Song and the Grawlix short. To be released at TCAF!

Anyways, I would be remiss to post sans images. Everything is all top secret though so I thought I would throw up this ad I did for my web comic Psychic Drama! Have you heard? Its wicked!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Psychic Drama

Hey guys! The big news is, my Website www.brianevinou.com is finally live. Its still under construction but its close enough now that I can show it to you guys feeling good about it!

Right now on the website I'm putting up my comic I finished a year and a half ago, called Jim and Jenn. Theres been a name change its now called Psychic Drama.

Above you'll see an example of changes I've made to the thirty pages that are currently up there. I feel a need to explain this a bit.. I'm not saying I'm going to do this amount of do over to every page but a large portion of these first 30 pages have seen this kind of facelift, I just wasn't comfortable with how they looked anymore. At a certain point the pages get good enough that I won't be making any more changes but for the next bit anyways, lots of changes. Jim and Jenn is a year and a half old, most of the first pages are more like two years old and I like to think I've improved a lot since then. So anyways, its a slightly better looking version that you guys get. I plan on posting 3 times a week. They will go up Mon Wed Fri. This comic is 120 pages long and as its finished you can count on your updates. Hope you guys like it, as I said its old. I learned a lot writing this, my apologies if its a bit clunky.