Monday, October 26, 2009


This is a piece I did for the forthcoming "IAMWIZARD" zine. It was initially being put together my friend Michal Majewski, who passed away this summer. The zine is still being put together as a tribute to him. I was having a hard time thinking what to put into the zine, then at a tribute concert for Mike, Leigh, the drummer in FATO showed up with a shirt that I drew for fato in 2000. This is a sequal of sorts to that shirt. Jewski is the one slapping the bass at the front.

You can check out FATO's music here,

and definitly check out Mike's Posters here,

he was a great friend, artist and musician and is definitly missed.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


So, I got a new job. Its taking up a lot of my time, hence the lack of posts. I'm sorry blog, I 'll try and do better! On a bright note, its prolly the coolest cartoon I've ever worked on.
Last month, I went to SPX, in Bathesda, Maryland along side Julie of Promises Promies fame. It was totally badass. Very inspiring, and I met and hung out with a lot of the people I was most excited to meet. Its neat, the event takes place in a hotel in the middle of terrible box store sprawls, so theres no where to go. You end up partying in everyones rooms, which is an amazing way to get to meet everyone. Most other conventions, everyone goes to random bars after the shows. But its not really an option in Bathesda. Anyways, loved it, looking forward to next year. Heres an interview Julie and I did at the end of day 2.. My usual convention sketches and party pics can be found on my flickr.. If you want to see me hobnobbing with some of comics finest, check it out. This is a anniversary card I did for my bro and his wife for thier first anniversary. Its based of a Hayden song, Clara liked. Hope you all like it.
A couple weeks ago, I did the 24 hour comic challenge in Oshawa. It was a blast. I finished 8 pages. I'm currently working on finishing that, it should be about 20 pages when its done. So look for that soon. Even sooner, I will be showing off my contribution to the "I am wizard" zine shortly. Its a super sized wonder. See you soon blog!