Monday, October 26, 2009


This is a piece I did for the forthcoming "IAMWIZARD" zine. It was initially being put together my friend Michal Majewski, who passed away this summer. The zine is still being put together as a tribute to him. I was having a hard time thinking what to put into the zine, then at a tribute concert for Mike, Leigh, the drummer in FATO showed up with a shirt that I drew for fato in 2000. This is a sequal of sorts to that shirt. Jewski is the one slapping the bass at the front.

You can check out FATO's music here,

and definitly check out Mike's Posters here,

he was a great friend, artist and musician and is definitly missed.


tom jolliffe said...

this is sweet!

Louis Champagne said...

This is Gross and Awesome.
good job Buddy!