Sunday, November 25, 2007

A little taste before the finish.

So heres a couple Lucy Legacy images to tide all you over. The top one Im going to be painting up and adding background and foreground elements to it for an homage to the ninja gaiden 1 cover art. Im pretty happy with how its turning out so far. The second, the water color, Im a little confused by it. I've scanned it a couple times and the colors look pretty shitty here, it looks quite a bit better in the real, believe it. But here it is anyways.
Im on the stretch run of the book so dont worry, this wont be like my last 24 hour book {still unfinished}. The rest of it, Lucy Legacy, now wieghing in at 33 pages will be up soon, prolly post t on here mid dec. This last half is the bomb too, you dont even know. I had to re write my ending though after reading Scott Pilgrim Volume 4, apparently great minds think alike...{I wish}..... and Mr O malley and I had the exact same certain homage to a certain video game in our books. Obviously Ive had to rewrite that part but I do plan on posting the thumbnails of my original planned sequence at a later date to high light the errie similairites.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lucy Legacy!!

So here it is finally the first 16 pages of my 24 hour comic for this year. Only the first twelve pages were done during the event. The other four pages are new additions. So getting that all out of the way, Im really happy with how its turned out so far! Lucy Legacy has been a lot of fun to draw. Im really relishing how light and fun it is. Challenging as well, drawing a girl lead is new for me and its turned out ok so far I think.
The plan is to have this finished for the 30th of november, its going to wiegh in at 27 pages total at the end of the day. I plan on going back in to these pages and making a few changes, prolly adding tonals and redoing at least the first page. Once they are all done myself and three other friends of mine who did the 24 hour challenge with me are going to get our books together and self publish them through comixpress in full color. All of thier books look great and Im really looking forward to having them all together! The other guys who will be in there are Steve Sloan Tom Jolliffe and Nat Meisners three page short that will blow your socks off! I'll have more details about that on here later on, its pretty much a vanity project but if anyone wants one we'll be printing up some extra ones.
Anyways, hope you enjoy Lucy Legacy, let me know what you think!!