Sunday, November 25, 2007

A little taste before the finish.

So heres a couple Lucy Legacy images to tide all you over. The top one Im going to be painting up and adding background and foreground elements to it for an homage to the ninja gaiden 1 cover art. Im pretty happy with how its turning out so far. The second, the water color, Im a little confused by it. I've scanned it a couple times and the colors look pretty shitty here, it looks quite a bit better in the real, believe it. But here it is anyways.
Im on the stretch run of the book so dont worry, this wont be like my last 24 hour book {still unfinished}. The rest of it, Lucy Legacy, now wieghing in at 33 pages will be up soon, prolly post t on here mid dec. This last half is the bomb too, you dont even know. I had to re write my ending though after reading Scott Pilgrim Volume 4, apparently great minds think alike...{I wish}..... and Mr O malley and I had the exact same certain homage to a certain video game in our books. Obviously Ive had to rewrite that part but I do plan on posting the thumbnails of my original planned sequence at a later date to high light the errie similairites.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian !
I just discovered your blog and I think your artworks are amazing ! Your characters are charismatics and you've got a very good-looking and meticulous inking technique.
The comic pages you post on the blog are also fantastics !

Keep up the good work !

Redkhan (a comic artist friend from France)

My Blog :

JR said...

Lookin good so far man. I'm interested in seeing more pages.

Ben Reynolds said...

Dude I am a Lucy Legacy FAN. looks great..can't wait to see the top one all painted up etc!!! keep it going bro.