Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Im Batman!

Check it out. Its Batman from Batman year 100! I really love this design. Paul Pope for me, can do no wrong. I lifted the palette from the cover of the Batman year 100 trade. So anyhow. Not much other than that to say. Still working on this here Jim and Jenn comic. Its getting there. By getting there I mean a third of the way in. The change to 2009 has really made me confront the reality of how little time I have left if I want to have this thing out for con season. It will be done. Its gotta be. Also the internet is the devil when it comes to avoiding work. Im very weak.


Ben Reynolds said...

Dude resist the internets!! Good job on this man, sweet batman..DIG IT.

Patrick Grimwood said...

Cool work Bri! You'll be happy to know that a friend got me the Return of the Dark Night trade paperback, and I devoured it! Batman kicks ass... he's almost as cool as Wolverine.