Thursday, May 21, 2009

Set Blog to sleek and sexy!

Why hello blogger, arent you looking sleek and sexy!  Yes, yes you are. With your fancy new header, links that work and listed from most recently updated to least..A brave new world!

  Anyways, to celebrate this new sleek and sexy era, it seems fitting that I post this Spock and Kirk pinup from the recently released sleek and sexy reboot of Star Trek! This movie is the bomb! I hope you've all seen


Ben Reynolds said...

Dude, even though my awesome new blog roll hasn't recognized this yet - it's still sweet. Love it man, and ya it was totally a good movie. Your blog is looking sexy for sure man, loving the banner. Keep it up man, you will be king of the blogs soon enough!

Mirjana said...

Man, I think I'm getting a crush on Spock after seeing that movie! Nice pin-up.

Anonymous said...

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