Thursday, May 07, 2009

Noway Jose HD remix!! Cover image and sample.

Here is the cover image to Noway Jose HD Remix. This image rocking you in the face at 80 mph pretty much tells you all you need to know about this guy. He rides with the Raptors and gets chased around by Trex's. This is because he runs the show. I hopes you likes. This should have color on it as long as I dont blow the which case it will stay B&W.The sweet back cover and front cover though isnt all you get in the new Noway Jose HD remix. You also get reinked interiors. Since October when I initially did this bad boy I've learned a trick or two. Heres an example of the changes your going to be seeing inside the book. If you wanna see more your going to have to come to TCAF and buy the mini. HAZAH!
More news! The Toronto Comics Arts Festival is this weekend! I want you to come and visit me. Heres all the info you need.
Even more news! In the build up to TCAF, I had a Q&A run in the Globe and Mail! Learn more about me here..
Also, somehow someone thought it would be a good idea to give me a forum to speak my mind with more respected and talented artists than myself! If you want to see me heave and bluster come by and watch the Animators in comics panel on Sunday at 2.30 to 3 in Learning room 1 @ TCAF! Faith Erin Hicks is on the panel with me!! Heres a full list of the events...

Hopefully I will get one more post on here before the big event. But if not please do come by! I will have Jim and Jenn's pages on me to show off as well Noway Jose minis and Lucy Legacy books and stickers to pawn off. I know theres more shows in the summer. But from the bottom of my heart this is my fav show. You dont want to miss it.


Michelle said...

Epic Brain! Love the new Jazzed up pages. Its really cool to see the before and afters. Wish Chris and I could visit but it looks like someone has to help move Ev and Mel this weekend :P Have a great time!

Stephen Sloan said...

WINS! That cover is everything you promised it would be.
I'm not going to be able to make it down for TCAF sadly.

AlanS said...


Keep up the GREAT WORK!

Your work has a great look and feel to it!

Ben Reynolds said...

You're right, I don't want to miss this event..and that's why I didn't. Dude, I read the HD No Way on the Go Train back home and it was sweet man. Big time improvement from the first version, I really enjoyed looking at all the changes - but the Dragon jump is still as awesome as ever!