Sunday, April 19, 2009

Noway Jose back cover!!

This drawing was a blast. THe idea of the drawing is that you learn a lot about Jose just from this pic. Like now we know he has hung out with robots in the past, encountered the Empire. Its all there. I love world builder pics. For a comic thin on dialouge like Noway, I hope it adds some layers and richness to his story
This drawing will be the back cover, prolly stay in b&w, maybe tonals, I will have the cover for you sometime before the big event!
Hopes you all likes, remember TCAF is just around the corner, be there!


    Ben Reynolds said...

    Dude you went to town on this one eh!! Love all the details. You're right, it definitely adds to the story and fills in some gaps in his past. Cool stuff man..can't wait to see the finished product.

    Patrick Grimwood said...

    Wow Bri, you've been busy! Good to see you're still pumping out great stuff! The details in the pic are cool, I especially like the tie fighter, and I feel like that's your pic on the back of his jacket - all very nicely done! Keep it up!

    Louis Champagne said...

    keep um coming dude!
    sorry to hear about the delays on your book, i'm sure it'll be better for it in the end.