Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wolverine Appreciation Month.

I heard ya Tommy Guns. Heres my contribution.

So as I've mentioned on here before, The uncanney X-Men was my comic growing up. I started during the Fall of the Mutants, round issue 220. My favorite X-man like every other snot nosed kid was the Old Canucklehead, Wolverine, Logan, Weapon mutha F#$king X.
Anyways, when working on Jim and Jenn, I always start the day with little warmup doodles. This week I drew the colored wolverine on Monday, then my friend Tom on the ol Facebook called this month Wolverine appreciation month and I decided to follow his lead. So I did the bottom one yesterday and the sewer one today. I tell ya, that sewer one was not turning out. Theres a whole lower body under that water that looks like ass. Hence the sewer! Spooky setting for Wolverine? NO! Convienent way to cover up short comings in art! YES!
Time for bad news. I failed at Jim and Jenn. Its going to be done for TCAF, sadly it wont be printed. Financial coupled with scheduling problems have led me to push it back. Fear not though. I will be having a release party for when I have it printed early summer and it will definitly be available at The Hobbystar con in August SPX in Sept and Excellent comic stores around Toronto. I'm Sorry to have to report this, no one is more disapointed than me. The bright side though is that Im now planning on having tonals in the book and I will get to rejig the begining a bit to jazz up the book even more. For the TCAF attendees, I will have a very special small print run of Noway Jose available with an exciting amazing cover. So hopefully that will help you forgive me untill Jim and Jenn's explosive release! Sexy..

Hope you all like these drawings!


Ben Reynolds said...

Dude, way to show wolvie some respect! I love that brown and orange costume! Thats hilarious about the reason for the sewer, I actually like that one quite a lot so it ended up working out! Nice work as always mang.

tom jolliffe said...

well done brian! i need to do some appreciating of my own....

Jesse Millest said...

Nice job man, these are cool, i like the 2nd one down the best

Louis Champagne said...

Awesome Bri-Guy!
i wanna see wolverine fight the Turtles down there!