Friday, June 05, 2009

The Black Bastard vs The Malcolm Xmen PT2

So yes, here is the six pager I did along with Aaron Broverman for the upcoming Black Bastard anthology. I've never worked with a writer before and it was a pleasure. Aaron's a class act! This was a fun project and a nice break from Jim and Jenn. I worked on full sized comic boards for the first time, I feel like it made a big difference.  Anyways, it was a blast, thanks to Matthew Mohammed for trusting us with his  creation. Keep on drawing kids!


Stephen Sloan said...

Man you just keep getting better and better man. Great stuff, how'd you get hooked up with the gig?

Brian Evinou said...

well the writer Aaron is a friend of mine from the first 24hour challenge we did in toronto. He is buddies with the creator. So he asked me, and I said...OK!
Thanks by the way!