Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jim and Jenn preview Pt 1

Well folks, here comes a 7 page preview of Jim and Jenn. Straight at your faces! Drink it up!

Anyways, last reminder before Fanexpo! Please come on out. I will have all my usual stuff for sale and I will have a dummy copy of Jim and Jenn available for you all too get a complete look at the book..might be your last chance to see it for a while. This puppy wont be seeing print for a bit, so..hope to see you there!


Ben Reynolds said...

Loved this preview man. its looking real good..I'm hooked. Love all the JP and sloan, iron giant references too. i can't wait to check it out on Sunday dude...see you then!

Stephen Sloan said...

Wow man, these get better and better each time I see 'em.
That first page is breathtaking, great stuff man you'r OWNING that brush now! Can't wait to see the dummy copy.

Anonymous said...

Good luck at Fan Expo!


Andrea said...

these are awesome... I love the variety in detail from page to page and panel to panel... it's got texture!