Saturday, May 10, 2008

Autobile comics and Leo

so I did these two comics at work last week. Playing around with different formats and genres is interesting. Comedies tough, as you can see Im not SGR or PBF yet. Also I need a title for these things. I thought Autobile {instead of autobio, Ive since been told that that is retarded..} any suggestions help!
So Yeah Im hoping to continue to come up with high brow fodder for more strips while Im work. Then put them together at a kinkos for the cons so I have something other than just Lucy Legacy at my table. P.S LL is going to print very shortly, theres a lot of wicked extras in there for those who have read it online, like the first 12 pages completly redone and looking sick. This is the summer of Lucy, shes going to take this city over, watch for it!
And last but not least my main hombre Leo. This dude has got his shit on lockdown yo! Long time followers of my blog will remember me talking about a portfolio I was putting together for the TMNT's studio mirage. I think its now safe to say two years later that I havent done much on that lately..ha.


Stephen Sloan said...

Dude, Decarlo is IN the house in that second strip. That innocent run your doing back from EB or wherever with your precious Mario Kart. AWESOME.

Solid stuff my friend, doing a few dozen strips like these will help you get your inking down and you'll be Good to go.

Michelle said...

Yo Brian, Love the second comic.

So, since your off at weddings all month long this means you'll have tons of mini stories and time to draw, right? [:

Andrea K Haid said...

Hey Brian! That first strip, it's just like all of us isn't it... Love it. I like the one you did earlier of highschool Brian vs. now Brian!