Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ken Masters

Man, did you guys hear that a certain game is coming out next week? I love the Street Fighter. Ken is definitly my favorite world warrior. Im looking forward to kicking some of my friends ass' on this bad boy come next week.
So Imworking pretty hard right now. I have roughly two months to finish Jim and Jenn before it goes to the printers. I have just enough time. Im doing a page a day and my focus is pretty singular right now. Im expecting to pick up the pace when I get to the ultra exciting finale. Also during subway and streetcar transit Ive been working on some cover and font concepts. Hopefully I'll have time to do a couple nice versions of some of the better ones and share them with you. I'd love to hear what you guys think.
This is of course all to have this book done for TCAF, where I'll be a guest alongside some of my favorite comic creators. Check out the stacked guestlist! http://www.torontocomics.com/tcaf/guests.html


Stephen Sloan said...

Swanky dude, very solid as always.
I like the texture you brushed into the BG, works very well.

tom jolliffe said...

nice.....i checked out yer bio for the tca..very pro...better wear yer power suit

Ben Reynolds said...

Dude - sweet! Read your bio too man, pretty nice. Can't wait to see the book in its completed form. Sure, I've seen a sneak peek or 2 but I want my own copy youknowwhatimsayin? Nice Ken, don't let that game distract you from the big goal dude! Videogames are evil.