Monday, May 09, 2011

TCAF roundup!

Guys TCAF was so so so so very good. I want to unload expletives on you kids but I know about your sensitive ears. I will try and keep it brief. Which is hard because of how rad the show was.

First off on a personal note. I've never had a more successful show. Fight Song sold out! All my other books moved as well. I also got the Grawlix anthology I'm a contributer in as well, it looks great. Great work to Dalton Sharp for putting that togehter. What a weekend. Thanks to everyone who bought my books. Every one was super nice and a blast to hang out with.

Secondly, the running of the show. Again top notch. Chris, Peter, Abe and the whole TCAF crew kill it every year. This year though was so sugar smooth. They had a green roomn for guests, people to run change for you and volenteers to help when you had to pee. Top notch. Great work sirs.

Thirdly. The guests. TCAF has an embarasement of riches guest wise. So to be excited about who your sitting with is expected. Saying that I was definitely the winner placement wise. I was flanked by two great artists in Niall Eccles and Danielle Corsetto. Right beside Neil was Brandon Grahm James Stokoe Marian Churchland and Marley Zarcone, who were the four people I was most excited to meet. They all lived up to my expectations and beyond. Brandon actually gave me a page out of his sketch book, which is, you know, super cool. So the table I had, great. I could not have chosen a better spot for myself.

I bought a lot of books and wished I had more money for all the other great things I saw. Seriously, what a year for new books. It wasn't just my own Fight Song. There was a ton of rad new books to buy and read. I'm excited to dig in over the next couple days. As seen above, I got some work to do!

There is so much more to tell, the drinking, the fighting, the orgies..on and on, but maybe for another day.

Another year in the books, as always looking forward to next year

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Unknown said...

sold out of Fight Song?? Oh dear, the collection is now one short.