Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fan Expo 2011!

Just got back from Fan Expo! It was a blast. Thanks Everyone who stopped by! You were all the best looking comic fans ever. EVER!

This one is, of course, Me, BRIAN EVINOU! Behind me is my new booth poster. Pretty rad right? This photo is courtesy of my friends at TDOT Comics!

I also got some great Comics! The Jason Bradshaw collection, Ed Brisson's Murder books w various artists, Battle Kittens by R.Dart, The Possum issue 5 by Blair Kitchen, Promises Promises, Starting Tomorrow by Julie Faulkner

This is an example of a free drawing you can get from me with Purchase! I shot off a bunch of these bad boys. Come get one for yourself at Word on the Street!

I also was doing commisions for ten bucks! Practically free! This one was for a fan of the Universal Monsters. It was a blast to do! Come to Canzine in Oct and get one of these bad boys for yourself!

I also did a bunch of sketch cards this weekend. Selling these bad boys for five bold ones. Check it out!

So yeah. FanExpo 11 was four days long. It was intense. There was a lot of cool parties, a bunch of great costumes, a whole whack of rad friends and great customers too. Hope you who bought my books liked em. See ya next time!

Remember Psychic Drama is almost over! Catch the exciting finale!

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cuddlygunner said...

Brian, you are my sunshine