Wednesday, April 25, 2012

World Turtle

Here is a drawing I did while thinking about the world turtle. I always loved the idea and thought I would give it a spin. Hope you guys like it! So TCAF is coming up! May 5th and 6th! I will be there. I don't know my table number yet but when I do I will update you guys. I will have my new book there. It is called Space Cops! A Sassy Mavericks adventure. It is pretty awesome. I hope you guys swing by and pick up a copy. It has a very sexy two color silk screened cover. I will post a preview sometime next week. I am still posting on my website here..The complete Grawlix story I did with A.G Pasquella is going up right the past few weeks the three Fight Song comics have been put up so go check em out! This here illustration down at the bottom was done by Detroit street artist Illy Mack. It is awesome.


Jules said...

Diggin' the turtle. Makes me think of the locations in Avatar, the Last Air Bender. (the good one, not the movie).

Ben Reynolds said...

Lovin this turtle man!