Wednesday, July 09, 2014



                                                                                                                                   cover by James Stokoe
Check it out, Phil McClorey and I have spent the last year organizing this book. We are super happy with it. So good. So many great creators helped us out with this! Please visit the link and get your self a copy.

I am doing 8 pages with Howard Wong in this one. If you ever wanted an original off of me, I got 6 available through the kickstarter. AND that comes with a copy of the book. Check er out.

Other awesome pledge rewards, you can get the cover! by James Mutha Fucking Stokoe! Hand painted! For Real. Hand painted original cover by James Stokoe. FYI I am getting married. This would be the perfect gift to get me. BTW. $600 bold ones.

How about a customized print by Matt Daley with your visage included within the drawing! 100 bold ones.

Marvin Law original page! 80 loonies.

Sketch plates! 5.25 X 7.25 original sketch by a MONSTROSITY II artist! 40 BUCKS!

All of those also include the book.

Phil and I have been doing some media to help lift this kickstarter off the ground. Check these out here.


Phil and I gab with Erik the Red about MONSTROSITY and being awesome dudes.


I appear on Katie and Shaggy Shannahan's awesome livechat. We gab MONSTROSITY, Sailor Moon, Gilmore Girls and more! Horrifying!

Anyhoo, Phil and I are thrilled with the response to the kickstarter so far. Please keep pledging! There is more awesomeness to come! Big announcements on Monday of even more creators on the book!

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