Monday, October 09, 2006

24 hour comic challenge

So I organized and took part in the 24 hour comic challenge this past saturday at noon to Sunday at noon at the Hairy Tarantula in Toronto. I did the worst I ever did in terms of quanity since Ive finished every previous attempt. This year I only finished 7 pages fully inked and left three other pages in only pencil. I didnt even make it through the entire night. I passed out at around 4 or 5am for about an hour. After I woke up I did a lil more work then gave up and called it a day around 9 in the morning. Im really pleased with how these 7 pages turned out. I Took around two hours on each of these pages. The seven pages that are all here are pretty much all the setup for the big final act which was going to be pretty action packed and hopefully a lil scary. Im pretty sure Im going to eventually finish this book since Im pretty happy with these first seven pages and I wouldnt want to leave you all hanging. Tell me what you think.


Firas said...

Dude I love your comic! I wanna know the rest. I like how its a bit earthed. No spandex and all... I wanna know what happens later.

Ben Reynolds said...

Dude..I need to know what happens next.