Sunday, October 22, 2006

Come here Kitty Kat

So this is a drawing of Kitty Pryde of the X-Men I did the other day. Im a huge fan of the X-Men, specifically the John Byrne Chris Claremont X-Men run. Although everything from issue 96 to 240ish are pretty wicked in my book. Anyways the wheels kinda fell off after that and the x men were not very good for a long time. There was moments of greatness, Jim Lees run was all right and the morrison Quietly stuff rocked too. For the most part though X Men was almost impossible to read, really dense and confusing and very dark. Joss Whedeon and John Cassady's run on astonishing x men though is bringing back all these great old feeling that the old issues used to give me. THe two of them have brought back most of the classic team together and they really get the characters. They are really writing wicked excting x men stories that are very in tune with those old comics. Joss Whedon gets it and hes currently in this his last arc on the X Men really bringing Kitty back to the forefront. SO this is her in the new costume John Cassaday designed for her. I have her phasing through a really crappy floor here that I threw down really quick {trust me I really do know how to do a floor grid} essentially only bacause I ran out of room to draw her feet. Anyways hope you like it. I did the undersketch in a Tuscan red pencil which I also used for the 24 hour comic. I think it is now my pencil of choice, I think they are great to use and you should all try them out!


Todd Harris said...

love the comic setting to your blog. good work.

Ben Reynolds said...

Bry guy...we need more man!

Lexi said...

Your work is awesome... you need to finish that comic so I can find out what happens. Blowing people up with your mind.. you can't get much cooler then that. I actually have that power myself, but I like to keep it a secret.