Monday, October 08, 2007

7 new pages!!!

finally, jesus, took a while but heres the next 7 pages of the comic. Honestly will be done shortly. I just want to get it outta the way, I got other comics up in this head of mine I need to get out. So this batch looks a lil different, I started inking with the brush pen exclusively. Gotta tell ya, its the way to go. Aight, hope ya dont hate these pages.


Stephen Sloan said...

I really really want to know what happens next... I don't really know who to root for here though... I guess the two friends are the most 'protagonist' y of the bunch.

Andrea said...

wow, kick ass stuff.... makes me want to read more.... keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Just finsihed reading this comic. Some good gore. The lines are good too. I loved when the football team comes out of nowhere yelling how they rule. Finsh it already so I can see what happens!