Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dan DeCarlo Homage!!

Dan DeCarlo was one of the most influential Archie comic artists of all time. Recently have been exposed to his work and last night did an homage watercolour painting to his amazing cover work. This is on 12x16 water colour paper, I rarely work this big, had to scan it in four pieces, thats why it looks slightly disjointed.
Theres a wicked theme throughout his covers where there will always be one of these kind of jokes on the covers. Seriously, google his work you'll see what I mean. Its rad. Heres a link to a variety of his work


Stephen Sloan said...

Dan DeCarlo was the f'in man. I picked up a nice coffee table book that acts as like a portfolio/biography of the guy called: Innocence and Seduction. Check it out it's pretty cheap for what you get, there's also 2 art folios that are a littel smaller in size (And price) which are very cool. The second one was just released pretty recently.

Anonymous said...

have you seen his book of pin up art? it's brilliant. remind me next time I see you...jacquie