Sunday, July 06, 2008

Four more pages!! Comic Con News!

Ah the good old headblowing up comic! Who knows what its called? It doesnt have a title, we'll figure it out one of these days I bet. So, as you can prolly tell by how this last page ends this thing is coming to an end. Its all mindblowing shocks and revelations from here. Keep on watching and tell me what you think.

Oh heres the other parts as well..

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Secondly. Lucy Legacy. Im getting them on wednesday. 5 Bucks a pop. Come visit me at my table this weekend at the paradise Toronto comic con. Heres the web site, Cary Nord is gonna be there!!


Ben Reynolds said...

yes guy!! Dude I'm loving the angles of those shots there at the end. The up and down shots. Pretty dramatic stuff man. When do I get my copy of lucy legacy?? I can't make it this weekend, but good luck at the con dude!

Jules said...

Wow...I think you out did Good Fellas for use of "F%#!" in shortest time frame!
I like the first frame. Makes me think "Spart-HAHAHAHA!"
I like the design on the guy with the dreads too.
Can't wait to see it all together!