Friday, September 05, 2008

Jon Snow

Man I am obsessed, just finished the fourth book. Now the long wait for the fifth one. This is Jon Snow, one of my three favorite characters...I gotta stop drawing these I got comics to make!!

Cehck out my first interview..
Also dont forget word on the street

See ya then!


Michelle said...

Brian your FAMOUS!!!

Ben Reynolds said...

There's a lot of wolves in these books eh?? Looks great buddy..I'll have to read em. And awesome interview man. Nice work!

cail said...

Way to go Brian. Read the interview. Geat stuff!

Stephen Sloan said...

Man this picture is awesome Brian. Your stuff is coming along leaps and bounds. Jon looks solid as hell, I'm believing the space he's taking up. The inking on snow is just fantastic. You continue to impress buddy. I'm gonna read your fancy pants interview now.