Sunday, May 09, 2010

TCAF '10

Thanks to Ab for this photo!
You guys, TCAF was this weekend. It ended 4 and a half hours ago as of this writing. I finally am awake enough and regained the strength to leave my bed.
What a great weekend. A hell of a show as usual. Top notch guest list, super star volunteers, wicked nice guests and a generally well run show. I was in a new area called the Small Press Schooner. It was fun. I was a little out of place in the room but I did quite well and had a blast. Sold tons of books. The crowd was there to spend money, it was nice. Of course did my free sketching as usual and had a few unusual requests, a couple of which can be found above.
The swag, oh the swag. I bought and bought. As seen above, Jim Rugg- Rambo 3.5. Marc Ellerby-Chloe Noonan, Pirates learn a thing or two about pig boy- Britt Wilson, The Ruby- Jon Chad, Ted Bear in Bare Season-Vicki Nerino, Fractured Jaw- Noel Tauzon, Lose 1- Michael Deforge, Birch Control- Laura Kenins, Feral Pizza- Phil McAndrew, A slightly Fictional History of Popcorn- Jim Zubkavich, Wilson- Daniel Clowes, Acts of Violence- New reliable Press w Ed Brisson, Galaxion- Tara Tallan, True Loves- Jason Turner, Peters Muscles- Michael Deforge.
These so far are all rad.


NTuazon said...

Loved your mini, "Don River"!!

Ben Reynolds said...

awesome man!! Ya, Don River is great dude. Looks like you had a great show. Cool drawings too man!

Brian Evinou said...

Thanks Noel! You're Fractured Jaw book is a hell of a good time too! My GF is trying to steal it.

Ben, you're a hell of a guy.

Jan Evinou Thompson said...

Great stuff Brian, you are very talented. Congratulations on your successes to date and good luck in any future artistic adventures. I am your proud and impressed aunt. Your drawings are amazing.

kmc1138 said...

Hi Brian - This is Kathleen, the chick for whom you drew a kick ass Dazzler at TCAF. I just sat down to email you the pic and realized your email address wasn't in the comic. Here's a link:
By the way, "Don River" is just about my favorite thing that I got at the show. I love it!

M.R. Horhager said...

Love the Giraffe drawing......the bear one is cool too!