Monday, June 07, 2010

Loras Tyrell, The knight of Flowers

Hey, I'm back with more Song of Ice and fire fanart! Its Loras Tyrell, the knight of flowers! I just started listening to the audiobooks of the series at work so I'm reinvigorated to do more of these. Loras doesnt play much of a role in the first book but its pretty fun seeing these characters first appearances and thinking on how they develop in future volumes. You pick up more and more each time through with this series. George RR Martin is pretty rad.
Speaking of pretty rad. Today Bryan Lee O'Malley completed Scott Pilgrim volume 6. Scott Pilgrim got me right back into comics in a big way about 6 years ago. It in many ways is to blame for me doing my own comics. I'm so excited to read the finale and see how it all turns out. Even moreso I'm excited to see where O'Malley goes next. Congrats Mal!


Stephen Sloan said...

god what a smarmy so and so... those Tyrells I tell ya.

Ben Reynolds said...

Looks cool man! He has a nice...sword. And I really gotta check out that Scott Pilgrim series, what with the mfancy major motion picture coming out an all.

Jesse Millest said...

Dude, its been too long since i commented on your face, i mean blog, youre the only one holding it own on this inter-void. Ill be checkin back.