Monday, September 19, 2011

Black Canary gives a reminder!

Hey you guys!

Soooooo...Word on the Street is this weekend! It's going to be totally BA. It's on Sunday Sept the 25th. It's FREE! I will be there w all sorts of friends. I'm sharing a booth with Julie Faulkner! Come on by, it will be a blast. BA LAST!

In other news I finished my anthology piece with AG Pasquella. I still got to do the tonals, which is slow going. Once I get those done, I'm going to pop the first page up here as promised.

In the next couple weeks we got 24 hour comic challenge coming up. I will be doing it again of course. This year it looks like it will be a private event though. I must say I am very sad to see it apparently winding down. It used to be a real big thing. I think losing McCLoud's involvment and then the Anthology's no longer coming out has knocked the wind out of it's sails. So it goes. I will keep doing em, love the 24hcc.

So last but not least. PSYCHIC DRAMA! The book is almost done. I put up page 110 this morning. I think it wraps around 120. You guys gotta check it out. Don't miss out!

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