Saturday, December 01, 2012

Tuff Stuff

Hey everybody! I have been pretty busy around these parts working on all sorts of fun stuff. A few weeks ago I did the 24 hour comic challenge with my buddy Steve Sloan. For the last few years I have been approaching the 24 hour comic challenge differently. I like to now just work on a comic when I am there at a normal pace for as long as possible making work that I am happy with instead of rushing out a piece of poop. That was how I started Don River and Sassy Mavericks. By the time I finish end up going back and reworking entire pages but I find it productive to work on something I will be happy with rather than something I just crank out. Anyhow, at the end of the night I think we both came up with some pretty fun work.
Also I plugging away at a second Astro Jaq story for friendly Phil McClorey. This one is going to be going into our forthcoming Monster anthology that we will be releasing at next years Fan Expo. The talent we have put together for this next book is looking really good. I am very excited to see what the complete book looks like because the pedigree is very strong.
On top of that I am still slowly slogging away at the structure for my big book. I have a ton of sketches and concepts done but the writing is seriously dragging. I think at this point the plan is to have a new mini out for TCAF and then hopefully I can have the longer book ready for the following year. Anyhoo....Hope you are all doing well. I will be back prolly in a couple of weeks with my year in review blog post. I have read some good comics this year and have some opinions to share.
Oh and I hope you like this water colour. Did this last night, bought some new water colours. This character may be in my new mini..

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