Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Fight Song Cover!

 Whoa! What a nice cover! That is way nicer than the old one! what I hope you think. So, how did I get to this amazing final is a little story that goes a little something like this.
I had a rough doodle that I scanned and brought into Photoshop. I cleaned up this one after working on a bunch of variations on this final pose. Then I printed the final red version very lightly onto some large paper. I inked that up with my brush pen, scanned it and brought it back into Photoshop where I pulled the reds out leaving me with this pristine B&W. 
A little bit of photoshop magic is next and I do this final mock-up of my design. I am happy so I then fill all the green with black, and print two sheets of paper. One for each color on bond paper. Going into the print studio, I soak those sheets in vegetable oil, dry them and then shoot the images onto my silkscreen. Then I tear a shit ton of paper to the proper dimensions and get to printing. 
Layer one! Each color is one layer. For my comic covers I always go for two layers. One color and then black for the line art. Since I print a ton of these each time any more layers would be too time intensive.
 The magic happens with layer two! Look at those blacks! I had problems with the registration on this run and registered them all up by hand. The results were fantastic. Looks like I will be going that route for-eva-eva now.
 Done! Here is a detail!
I get home assemble the 48 new Fight Songs and then compare them to the weakling previous version. What a shitty old cover that was. I bet it feels shame.

So I will be premiering these bad boys at C2E2 in Chicago this coming weekend. Swing on by, I will be sitting with good pals Phil McClorey, Adam Gorham and Fred Kennedy.

Also this Friday Phil and I will be launching an indie gogo campaign for our next Anthology called Monstrosity! This thing is going to be awesome. We lined up a bunch of great talent and are looking forward to showing it off. Check out the blog for details..and I will update soon with the indie go-go site when it goes live.

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Heron said...

that cover is very, very cool.