Monday, May 27, 2013


 Ahhhh!!! So, for the last year about I have been working with my good pal Friendly Phil McClorey to get together this little Anthology called MONSTROSITY! It is all done now and we are into our last week of our Indiegogo campaign to get the book out to the people! We are 95% funded! Incredible! Thanks so much if you have contributed yourself or are planning to. I love you so much. 
  The theme of this book is monsters and features about 20 short stories from all sorts of indy creators from all over! Below you can see a couple image from the book. We have a ton of awesome perks on the site. If you want to contribute, please do, perk levels start as low as 5 bucks for a digital pdf and 20bucks gets you the physical book. We would love to get this book in your hands!

Monster Mash Up- Michael Walsh, Adam Gorham and Nolan Woodard- Print available w book..$35 and the original drawing plus book and print is $250!
Astro Jaq Johnson, Phil McClorey and ME!

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