Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thing I have been doing!

Hey Guys, so the last couple months have been pretty hectic..I went to a couple cons..
This is Friendly Phil McClorey and mines table setup at C2E2! We had a great time and a pretty great show. I would love to go back. Chicago is a nice city that I didn't see nearly enough of. We did see a Blackhawks game which was pretty awesome. 

 I also did TCAF! That was a nice surprise, I got hooked up w a table by good pal Adam Gorham. I tabled just the Saturday but had a fantastic show. This is the view from my seat. I love TCAF.
 This is my most awesome grab from TCAF, an amazing ink and watercolor piece by the amazing Sam Hiti. That call is a baller. Check out his work.
 MONSTROSITY is the followup anthology to the successful Horror in the West. I co-edited this one. I am super happy with it. Currently it is at the printers, looking forward to getting it back and getting em' into your hands.
 Our indie go-go was a succcess as well. Thanks to everyone who contributed in everyway. I love you all. We got a bit over our goal and that allowed us to get a slightly thicker cardstock for the cover. Its going to be bad ass.
 I drew a Jon Snow!
 This is Astro Jaq Johnson in casual attire!
 Tuff Stuff!

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