Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Round Up! True Patriot and Blue Noser!

A couple months back I got the opportunity to be a part of J.Torres excellent anthology True Patriot! My pals Adam Gorham and Fred Kennedy created a story but needed a colorist and approached me! I was very happy to do it! Inspired by the Nao of Brown I water colored the comic. Here is the second page above. There is going to be a release party for the book at many locations coming up including the Dragon and The Comic Book Lounge. Swing on by and pick up a copy. It is balling.
So the last month I have been pretty busy working on my next mini, tentatively called Tuff Stuff. As with the Jim & Jenn to Psychic Drama and the Space Cops to Sassy Mavericks transition this hardly means the name is set in stone. So far I am 28 pages into the book and it is looking like it is going to hit the fifty page range which will make it my biggest single story since Psychic Drama. Really the book is a prologue for a much larger work, but I don't know if I will ever get that far. Here is what 28 pages look like so far.

In other news, the anthology I co-edited with Friendly Phil McClorey is in Diamond Previews this month! Diamond is the magazine comic stores order their books from. If you guys want a copy of the book and missed the indiegogo now is your next chance! Ask you comic store to order it for you. It is under Alterna, page 241 order # STK620744!
Brian Mclachlan decided to wrap up him long running and beloved strip, Princess Planet, and wanted to get some friends to do some strips to send it out in style. I was super flattered to be asked to contribute one and above you can see my effort as well as here on the site. As a thank you Brian did strips that featured all the guest is the one w me in it! Guest starring Jules Faulkner and Jason Loo! Princess Planet was a really great strip and I strongly urge you all to go read some of its almost 10 year long run. Brian is a really talented guy and I am looking forward to his next efforts. Thanks for letting me take part Brian!

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