Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I missed a month!

BIG NEWS! The book, MONSTROSITY will be released in comic stores this Wednesday! That's tomorrow! Holy shit! Go grab one!

 Since we last spoke, dearest blog, MONSTROSITY launched to great fanfare and success at FanExpo. Phil and I sold the crap out of the book and even managed to line up some exciting new creators for MONSTROSITY II; THE RECKONING (title not finalized). Here is Friendly Phil McClorey and I at our table captured at an inopportune time! Pizza anger face! Note I am rocking an awesome Corey Lewis shirt made for the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund, available here.

So all in all, FanExpo was a good time. Since then we have had a signing at Paradise Comics and another show at Word on the Street. Here below is my table being manned by superman Marvin Law joined by super star table neighbor Willow Dawson to our left.

 So far response to the book has been great. Check out these reviews.

I myself also did a bit of media for the book..

 If you missed out on the indiegogo you can still get the book through my website or the Alterna Website as well as at these fine comic stores..

The Beguiling – Toronto, Ontario
The Dragon – Guelph, Ontario
Future Pastimes – Sarnia, Ontario
Happy Harbor Comics – Edomonton, Alberta
LA Mood Comics and Games – London, Ontario
Paradise Comics – Toronto, Ontario
Stadium Comics – Missisauga, Ontario

Also a couple more events coming up, 

Canzine- October 20th
Stadium Comics Free Comic Day- Oct 26th

 Anyhow I am a little tired and delirious from lack of sleep. Who knew that working, going to school, making comics and organizing an anthology would take so much energy..
You guys are awesome. Have some drawings...the bottom threee are all examples of what you will get FREE on the inside of your cover if you buy MONSTROSITY from my website.
Tuff Stuff
Astro Jaq!

Astro Jaq!

Some monster VS Astro Jaq!

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