Sunday, April 13, 2014


In my previous post I spoke about having three new books to release this year at TCAF. This is the second of those three books. It is called 'Ennui'. This book is leather bound, 32 pages with silkscreen Interiors. The book consists of eight different illustrations all featuring two layers of silkscreening.  This book is limited to eight editions, of which seven will be for sale at TCAF, hand numbered and signed. First come first serve.
This is what the illustration look like on the interior of the book. As you can seem they are all full bleed and totally baller. These next four illustrations below are also in the book. These are the line art versions. Not how they appear in the book which features an additional color layer.

 The other two books I will have for sale are 'A Collection of Things' and my new comic, which I am currently wrapping up work on, 'Tuff Stuff'. 'Tuff Stuff' is 60 pages of awesome. I am very excited to get it out into the world for you all to see. It feels like decades ago that I released Sassy Mavericks. Below you will see a spread of seven inked pages and one panel isolated. I will post again before TCAF to give final details on these books, prices etc.

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