Friday, May 30, 2014

TCAF and Tuff Stuff

TCAF has come and gone. Three weeks later and I can look back and say this year was a big success. My newest book, Tuff Stuff, sold out! 50 copies! That’s pretty good! I also sold a bunch of other books as well. Due to my incredible record keeping, I will never know for sure, but I think I can say with a fair amount of confidence that this might have been my BEST TCAF EVA!

My high sales this year were certainly buoyed by the release of my new book Tuff Stuff which I finished just in time for TCAF. For real, just in time. I finished printing the covers Saturday at 230 in the morning.
A nice thing that was reassuring; people who were new to my work were gravitating towards Tuff Stuff. This is a good sign! People seemed to like the cover!

This year I also tried my hand at selling some of my artist books. A Collection of Things and Ennui both moved a couple copies. Not the sell outs I was hoping for, but considering their high price tags, still very welcome.

 TCAF is not just a great show to buy my books at, but also a great place to buy a million books off of so many cool people! SO MANY COOL PEOPLE. Cool people; you know who you are. TCAF always gets me inspired. So much great new work premieres there, most of my purchases were TCAF premieres. So yes, I bought a bunch of books. TCAF is the devil when it comes to sucking my cash straight out of my wallet. Check out these awesome books I obtained.

Day One Swag

Day Two Swag

Another year amazingly well run show by Chris, Miles and Co. See you next year dear TCAF. Thanks for having me!

A short note on Tuff Stuff. It turned out to be 59 pages. I inked the whole thing in one month. I then lettered it in two days. I am pretty happy with the end result but because of the speed with which I turned it out there are some grammatical errors in this first edition.  I will be posting the revised version up on my website in the next week or so. Keep your eyes peeled for that. I will also be printing a second edition of the book, with the edits done, in time for my next show. It will also be available on my website to purchase here.

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